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SASCO’ area of activity is the cargo and passenger carriages by sea.

Cargo carriages are arranged by SASCO both on a regular basis in form of regular ferry and container lines and on a one-time basis, in form of tramp carriages. Passenger carriages are now arranged mainly on regular SASCO ferry line Vanino-Kholmsk.

All SASCO vessels are covered by P&I Club insurance which is an extra guarantee for cargo owners and passengers interests.

Today, regular lines’ work is SASCO' priority goal, since this work procedure allows to meet demand of a number of small size and midsize customers, whose operation scope cannot afford tramp carriages which, in turn, are intended for full shipload lots. 'Sakhalin' type ferries, being a part of SASCO fleet, alongside with traditional container lines, allow the Company to facilitate transportation of wide range of cargoes.

Since purchase, in early 2003, of a specialized Ro-Lo vessels "Lyutoga" and "Paromay", successful experience gathered by SASCO ferries, has been extended for other SASCO regular lines as well. Ro-lo vessels "Lyutoga" and "Paromay" are capable of transportation of self propelled vehicles (including oilwell equipment), containers of any type and general cargo transportation.

Now, SASCO operates regular lines, one of which (Vanino-Kholmsk) is railway ferry one and five container (Shanghai - Ningbo - Vladivostok - Vostochniy, Busan - KorsakovVladivostok - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Vladivostok - Magadan and Vladivostok - Korsakov).

SASCO fleet, which is not engaged on regular lines, performs tramp carriages. SASCO currently specializes in various tramp carriages, most of which are timber, coal and scrap export carriages, domestic carriages of coal and other cargoes under “northern navigation” program, as well as various carriages for Sakhalin Offshore Projects’ operating (including PSA (Production Shares Agreements') projects). Main Russian Far East ports (such as Vanino, Vladivostok, Magadan, Sovetskaya Gavan, De-Kastri, Korsakov, Kholmsk, and Sakhalin coal ports of Uglegorsk, Boshnyakovo, and specialized coal terminal of Shakhtersk port) have already become SASCO "home" ports.


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