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Line Shanghai - Ningbo - Vladivostok - Vostochny

Shanghai - Vladivostok  Liner Service was launched in September 2010. Then, on the later of the line operation, SASCO vessels commenced to call on Vostochny port to discharge.  From September 2011 SASCO has been offering additional vessel call on Ningbo.

This step forward we made to pursue better service and faster delivery of your cargoes to the ports of Russian Far East. Now we offer vessels to depart from Shanghai and Ningbo and  call to discharge  on Vladivostok and Vostochny ports on weekly basis. The container handling terminal in Shanghai is WGQ-4, in Ningbo - MSCT, in Vladivostok - VSCT, in Vostochny - VSK. Container stock owned by SASCO is available in Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao and Vladivostok.

In July 2011 Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port detached the  birth in VMKT for handling of SASCO liner vessels operated on domestic lines. This helped to remedy the situation in Fishing Port which became more and more congested due to domestic vessels were handled alongside with import and export bound vessels. That provided more dispatch of  handling of SASCO vessels operated on Shanghai - Ningbo - Vladivostok - Vostohny Liner Service.

Shanghai is the largest Chinese port and one of the largest world ports. It lies in the estuary of Yangtze river. Shanghai is direct-controlled municipality, important national financial and cultural center as well as the largest world sea port.

Ningbo is one of the most important and Chinese busiest ports by cargo tonnage. It is at the crossroad of the north-west shipping route and the important waterway of the Yangtze River. Ningbo is modern multipurpose deep sea terminal, which comprises inland, river and sea births.

Vladivostok is one of the biggest ports of Russian Far East, administrative and industrial center of Primorsky region, and one of the biggest Russian Far Eastern towns. Vladivostok is a key station of Russian Far Eastern Railroad as well as terminal point for Trans Siberian Railroad.

Vostochny port is a major port in Russian Far East. It is situated on the coast of Sea of Japan, in the Bay of Vrangell in Primorsky kray, 20  kilometers away from Nakhodka town, which is the terminal point of Trans Siberian Railway.


Preliminary schedule:

Vessel Voy Arrival to Qingdao Departure from Qingdao Arrival to Ningbo Departure from Ningbo Arrival to Shanghai Departure from Shanghai Arrival to Vladivostok Departure from Vladivostok Arrival to Vostochny Departure from Vostochny
MAERSK ABERDEEN 1704 03.04.2017 02.04.2017 09.04.2017
MARIVIA 704B 04.04.2017 06.04.2017 12.04.2017
TYGRA 1704 10.04.2017 09.04.2017 16.04.2017
NORTHERN DEMOCRAT 704B 11.04.2017 13.04.2017 19.04.2017
FRISIA LAHN 1706 17.04.2017 16.04.2017 23.04.2017
BOMAR FULGENT 1702 20.04.2017 21.04.2017 25.04.2017
MAERSK ATLANTIC 1706 24.04.2017 23.04.2017 30.04.2017
UNI FORTUNA 1704 27.04.2017 28.04.2017 02.05.2017
MAREN S 1704 01.05.2017 30.04.2017 07.05.2017
MAERSK AVON 1703 11.04.2017 10.04.2017 04.04.2017
DAHLIA 1701 16.04.2017 14.04.2017 07.04.2017
MAERSK ABERDEEN 1705 18.04.2017 17.04.2017 11.04.2017
MARIVIA 1701 23.04.2017 21.04.2017 14.04.2017
TYGRA 1705 05.04.2017 24.04.2017 18.04.2017
NORTHERN DEMOCRAT 1701 30.04.2017 28.04.2017 21.04.2017
FRISIA LAHN 1707 02.05.2017 01.05.2017 25.04.2017
BOMAR FULGENT 1703 07.05.2017 05.05.2017 05.04.2017

Shanghai - Vladivostok line is connected with SASCO domestic service to Korsakov, Magadan, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy ports as well as with railway service to main national terminals.

Liner tariffs for directions Vladivostok/Vostochny.

Liner tariffs for directions Korsakov/Magadan.

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  • Oriental Shipping Agency Co., Ltd.
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